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                                   You are welcome to the Sleepwalker Scriptorium                                                                           

                                                                 ~  being  ~

                  A collation and repository of obscure, handcrafted books and grimoires

                                                                William Walker ~ Circa 1927 

                                                  "Ye openeth that Booke an terrour unbid comes
                                                  crauling ... bourn o' enmity, an too thine marrowe"
                                                                               ~ The Apodictic Revelations
                                                                                       of Hapadikl Joztdeekal

  It is with a great regret that this unworthy is unable to number that aforesaid Biblionihilistica amongst my wares, for it is well known that being in the mere proximity to such does cause of an calenture to them not guarded and does therefore not be for the eye of Man. But here, yes here, dear friend, as afore said, do we have, in very limited numbers, The Codicils of that self-same Biblionihilistica, which does, of an truth, be both writ by the hand of Man, and for the eye of Man.

  Within the few meagre pages of this website, the discerning seeker of the weird and outré will find a collation of loosely connected material, all with weighty relevance to that Lovecraftian Mythos.

Offered here for your perlustration are;

~ The Twin Codicils (as appended to that nefarious volume, The Biblionihilistica).

~ The Codicil Coetus (a most damning volume, comprising both the First and Second Codicils, bound as one).

~ The Translation of Uses (as relevant to The First Codicil and Codicil Coetus, penned by one Quelron Bathis).

~ The Mythoplasm ex Somnus (also authored by Bathis).

~ and now, tying the lot together, the Diaries and Journals of my grandfather, William Walker.

~ The Fundus of Hell ( a collation of uncommon tales).

~ The Volmithig Dimantis.

                                               ~ The Twin Codicils of That Biblionihilistica ~
                                                           (aka The Bifurcate Addendum)
                    Comprising the First Codicil (Initiate Tract) & the Second Codicil (Terminate Tract)

  Herein you will find an abundance of alien calligraphies, signs and sigils, both terrible and mystic, and with a veritable plethora of sketches, and all with much weighty reference to that Mythos of C'thuhlu.
  The languages used within are triglotic, and by this I mean in the wise of three wildly divergent scripts. And they are;
Primus - The main script of the piece, understood to be either that of the Kn'yn or an divergent tongue of the Spawn-of-Him.
Secundus - An angular, dotted and regimented script, understood to be the work of a robotic race, blasphemously endowed with the divine spark of biological life.
Tertius - All sweeping curves and fluid, sinuous hooks, understood to be the work of some type of aquatic race, adopted, by most, as the language of the esoteric gesture and talismanic sigil.

  Whilst these languages, for most part, remain untranslated, that enigmatic sage and mystic, Quelron Bathis, has produced a manuscript he terms 'Translation of Uses', which, in some wise goes to the unravelment of some small part of the mysteries therein. An intact second volume to this Translation of Uses has yet to come to light.

  And so it remains for the searcher and seeker of the hidden knowledges to further scry the remainder for his-self, and to so fathom the workings of the mechanisms of the cabbalistic secrets couched within.

                                                         But what are these secrets?
                               Well …. only him with a "book" might stand chance to so fathom

                                                      ~ The First Codicil ~
   This volume
    details the
   Howithall, or
   Method and

    Being the Initiate Tract and first book of this Addendum on elder lore and majiks, shown here for the discerning seeker of the deeper truths. 

  Take care, for the Great Olden-Ones do cosset of their wisdom and do hold of it close, and what one might intend as benefit to oneself might ultimately unfold to the benefit of Them.

                                                              ~ The Second Codicil ~
                                     ~ Details the Wherewithal, or Requirement and Formula ~

  Do take note; if both volumes number within your library, each will be seen to work off tother, and mischief will ensue if the necessary, esoteric safeguards are ignored. In short, The Lapis Astrum (called by some; Star Stone) needs must be placed close-by when the books are in a close proximity.                                
                                                     ~ Inner pages from The Second Codicil ~
          ~ Boneless seeming limbs, abstract and inimical, rise from a plane of cubistic night-mare ~
                                                   ~ Inner pages from The Second Codicil ~

  An invaluable prop and aid to gamers (i.e. C’thulhu Mythos, Dungeons and Dragons and most Horror/Sword and Sorcery RPGers), or indeed, to any collector of outré materia. Do stand ye proud afore thine fellow "gamers" as ye dost pronounce of thine edicts from That First Codicil of that black Biblionihilistica, and do wildly etch, mid air, the signs writ large therein.
  The books of The Bifurcate Addendum - for such is its collective designation - are bound of black leather, and are fettered with brass and copper adjuncts. These hand made books are based on the A4 size format, and hold in excess of 100 pages each. A5 volumes do also exist.

                                                                               ~ Inner page ~                                                             

                                                                            ~ Inner page ~

    Due to the handmade nature of these volumes, and whilst the contents remain constant, the boards, or covers, do vary. It should also be noted that due to the "apparent" age of the Initiate Tract, Terminate Tract, Codicil Coetus and Mythoplasm ex Somnus etc, it is inevitable that the ravages of Time have left their disfiguring and uglifying marks. Proudly they stand testament, defiantly displaying the nicks and tears of frequent, ill-considered use. But rather than diminishing the volumes, does but add something of an gravitas and character, and does thuswise, be well in keeping with the mood of the works.
    Also see the Codicil Coetus, being an foul collation of the above two volumes, bound as one.

   Carven image of dire
   Cthulhu, held in check by
   two, flanking Elder signs.