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                                             The Codicils of That Biblionihilistica                                                   

                                                         ~ The Codicil Coetus ~
                                        (The First and Second Codicils bound as one)

Bound in brown leather and deeply carved wood, and embellished with copper adjuncts. Containing in excess of 460 pages. Based on the A4 format size (235mm x 308mm x 57mm, or 9 1/4" x 2 1/8" x 2 1/4") , a tarnished brass chain secures a carved horn star-charm to its spine. Also see the 'Translation of Uses' which goes some way to laying bare at least a small portion of this work.

   Bearing in mind what has been said about not keeping the Twin Codicils in a close proximity to each other; at a time far removed from this, some dark soul (by name; Pordaff Stouk) harboured the desire to produce just such a compendium, and to ultimately comprise both volumes as one. Upon the completion of the work and his subsequent, sudden and surprising demise, these works were inherited by his associate who had the hindsight to shackle an astrum fascinum to each of their spines. 

   Via a dark and dismal journey down though the decades, and by a convolution of means (of which, at this time, I would fain not reveal) a few such compendia found their way into the repository of The Thin-Air Foundation, thence to the Sleepwalker Emporium. These dark opuscules have now been in my hands for a little over a year, and must admit to not having experienced any of the threatened manifestations or misfortunes. Perhaps it is my temperament or set of mind, or perhaps it is that I harbour no wish in the sorcerous fields that might offer The Coetus any initial foothold. Or perhaps it is indeed the strange talisman that is affixed to its spine - I know not.
    This Codicil Coetus - or Assembled Addenda - is a foul cumuli of Great Olden-Ones lore, and must upon all occasions be attended by one or more star charm. What is gathered together within shall forever be coveted by Man, but will, at the same time, never sit easily in His hands, for they retain an antiquated glamour and are predisposed to insidiously pollute all wholesome learning. It should be well known that for many a good reason were the books of the Addenda held under separate covers, for if such lore as is held within the individual books are brought together; "... by, an' of, their innate natures, deviltry does occur spontaneous an' unbid" (Bathis).   Thuswise, in this edition, has a star charm been permanently fettered to its spine, and in this fabrication is carved from the horn of the Dox and is so termed; Astrum Fascinum. It is by this charm alone that this ill-volume might be held calm and quiescent.

                                ~ Cover details showing the Astrum Fascinum and padlock ~

     "Of the contours an outlines - them as were stable - did present as an open book upon an plinth. Through the haze of mine afflictions, distantly did fall to mine ears through the closed an’ barred door to mine rear, the remote chaunting of the Brothers. A mere whisper of words, but a roar of implication.
     Of them words? but a simple phrase. Of their import; “…. turn the page”.
                                                                                       ~ 'The Daybook of Lori Bath Ban, and his rise     
                                                                                                      by trial, from brother acolyte to Abbot'
                                                                                                        (from The Mythoplasm ex Somnus)


Here we have the same volume, but based on the A5 format (180mm x 224mm x 66mm, or
7" x 8 3/4" x 2 5/8")

   ~  Rear View  ~
     "An' in thine Book, does not the all of this be writ with full intent for contrived converse an' commerce, raising an' manifestation of things inimical, an' whereat do we not fulminate an' concentrate an' paw with singular intent an' urge? An' does not the sigil, not least to say also written term there inscribed, possess of more import than that as simply uttered. By the all of the afore-said, rather do ask how such an volume might not be imbue of an locus of dark intent." 
                                           ~ from; 'How it Might be as That an Spirit Might Inhabit of
                                                        an Book. For ifn an Name in an Book does so be
                                                    Invest of an Cogency, why not that Selfsame Book?'
                                                                                  ~ The Mythoplasm ex Somnus


      Spine Detail

    Included within the confines of its bindings the seeker will encounter a veritable plethora of alien scripts, signs and sigils, all full of the secret mechanisms of the cosmic disorder. But what are these secrets? Can a translation be found? Well, as afore said .... only him with an "Book" might stand chance to so fathom.

                                                       ~ Inner pages of The Codicil Coetus ~

                                                                    ~ Inside Pages ~

And as that an book be an conveyor of knowledge and an disseminator of The Word, what better image to incise into an book relating to Them Old Foul Ones, than a likeness of the Nuncio himself? Aye, and him hight Nyarlathotep in his unbound pharaonic manifestation.            ~                                   


                                                         ~ The Translation Of Uses ~
                                           (a manuscript, by the hand of, Quelron Bathis)

    This A4 manuscript stands at over 180 pages in length, and is an invaluable companion to the Twin Codicils and Codicil Coetus alike. Also makes a good stand alone read.
    Eternal life, transmutation, unaided flight, contact with the Deep-Ones - just a few of the topics Bathis translates from The Initiate Tract (aka First Codicil).
     A Translation of Uses for The Terminate Tract (aka Second Codicil) has yet to come to light.

                                                    ~ The Translation of Uses (manuscript) ~

    Through the conscientious work of a local private detection and research agency, to wit, Binkley & Sons of Leeds, and from pointers from a most surprising source, I have recently found myself in the happy state of being in possession of a further handful of copies of this Translation of Uses manuscript.

    These copies of the manuscript are a revision, or updated version of the original printing (as passed down by grandfather, and recently disseminated from this site) and seems to have been written at a somewhat later date, with the contents extended and style less rushed, presenting, in my opinion, a far superior read.

    I would now like to pass my good fortune on to other like minded individuals who might also like to view its contents.

~ Inner pages of Translation of Uses, showing Delitescence Exscind Cypher of The Recumbent One ~

    From The Manuscript, and from the chapter headed; 'Of The Gates an' of The Recumbant One', we have; 
    "To this end an bi-part talismanic object does needs be constructed, an' in the fullness, charged with the adepts propugnation. In fine, the object is to be constructed of two parts, an' kept on divorced parts of the person. In the separated form, the objects stand as naught, but upon inosculation of those parts, an' on the utterance of the word of power an' propugnation, does take upon of itself an talisman of strength an' would bolster aid to thine maintenance an' flight.
    'This periapt, when constructed, does go by the calling; Delitescence Exscind Cypher.'

                                                          'Quid agas prudenter ages.'
                                                    (Whatever ye do, do ye with caution.) 
                                                                     ~ Inner Pages ~

     Upon the subject of the manuscript, and as Bathis would have it;
     "I would also make it plain now an' at onset, that the herein be no translation in extenso, or as one might so make phrase of it, verbatim, but does be, in its entirety, an 'Translation of Uses' only. To be specific; this does be but an adaption of The Addenda's lore, as an full transliteration, word for word, does be difficult to the extreme if not impossible to understand in the English version from that language, an' would present riddles with lost meanings, an' would be suicidal if the original did be discerned. For what does be set out within the Biblionihilistica an' Codicils, be the rites an' rituals, processes an' requirements for the Spawn, an' Others, an' for the hierophants an' priestlings of Them. In original form, an' for the human species an' sane adept alike, this lore be nigh bordering that of useless, an' of certes damning if ye did dabble, an' does proffer no useful product nor gain, but would open to thee fields of horror as would foment calenture of the brain an' infect the very aether whereat ye do stand."
                                                                                               ~ excerpt from 'Considerations an' Intentions',
                                                                                                                            The Translation of Uses
                                                            ~ Detail of Manuscript ~  

  Also refer the 'Diaries and Journals of William Walker' where many of the uncommon terms used in the manuscript are glossarised.
Of course, as time does inexorably move from That, to This, the Translation MS has gone through many binding permutations. The below being but a small sample.

This edition, being of the approximate proportions of, 165mm x 222mm x 55mm thick (6 5/8" x 8 5/8" 2" thick), and holding 245 different pages. 

Rear View

Inner Pages

Inner Pages
                                                                      ~~~~~~                                                                                                                                            ~~~~
                                                                        ~~~                                                                                                                                                                           ~~