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                                                          ~ The Volmithig Dimantis ~
                                                            (a book by Quelron Bathis)

  From the library of the sage and mystic, Quelron Bathis, penned by the great man himself subsequent to his ordeal in the Grey Expanse, I present, for your discerning inspection, the work he called, Volmithig Dimantis.

  In the Dimantis we have a hand-made, leather-bound volume, complete with brass accoutrements. The central carbuncle is resin, but still looks the part, giving a volume of the approximate dimensions, 165mm x 220mm (6 1/2" x 8 3/4") and containing 140 (all different) pages.


The first editions of The Dimantis were indeed bound in leather, but subsequent editions were carved in wood with leather bound spines, and of course, complemented by copper adjuncts.

Also based on the A5 format, measuring approx 165mm x225mm x 47mm thick, or 6 1/2" x 8 7/8" x 1 7/8"

  To the mystic, or practitioner of the theurgic arts, the use of the wand or batten is well known. But the sorcerous use of gesture and the moulding of the aether with palm and finger is a skill few can boast. One such accomplished master, was Quelron Bathis.

  But what of the incept of The Dimantis, how did it come about? Well, whether it be Fate or Chance that took part here, non might say, but whilst seeking a portion of the Sempitern Pabulum, Bathis was banished to a region he termed the Great Grey Expanse, and that whilst suffering his seclusion, met the Omnipotens Gesticulant, the s'Tgalminahue Jam'n'gat; Iiai Potth. Deemed by many as an insouciant anchorite and member of the pantheon of them Great Old Foul-Ones, Potth pays homage only to the shapes and schemata as produced by his manifold and dexterous limbs.
  Great monarch of the sorcerous use of gesture, Iiai Potth schooled Bathis in that same discipline, eventually repatriating him back to the fields of Man.
  "Record what I taught thee," ran the imperative, "remember mine teachings and methods. Capture, restrain, befriend and put thine trust in the Fish of Sleep, for the ways of the Fennes be manifold and wild".

  And so, upon my advent back to the fields of Man (and upon much reflection) I would affirm that the erst seen sky-dripping fluids were truly the (un)spoken words of Iiai Potth made visible, and so formed into a written qabbalistic speech, the wot of which then came, fully formed to my mind, and of which I did then needs write down as though by compulsion.
  With the initial compilation of Potth’s teachings, I did seek to put the impressions down in my own native tongue, but the resultant complexity of the thoughts were to prove contrived and niggardly and could not successfully be expressed. Due to this failure, I had little recourse then but to present the such in the same mind-script-image in which it were originally revealed to me.
  Initially compiled upon an many scrolls, the thing dost now stand in the modern, bookish form. To this date, all further attempts at a successful translation have met with abject failure. But then, this record being for my own consumption, why bother transliterate that which I might already fathom?
  And so, upon completion, non but mine humble self could discern its teachings, and so did consign the thing to the secure book-closet where it stands now gathering to itself the dust of forgotten things, and does there languish neath its name which does be called, Volmithig Dimantis. The meaning of this name, and by the voice of Iiai Potth, remains untranslatable and does be nought but gibberish in all but my own mind. But, as the book did be named by Iiai Potth, so do I call the thing.
                                                                "Of The Strange Grey Expanse and The Inception of The
                                                                Volmithig Dimantis", as taken from The Fundus of Hell
                                                       ~ Inner pages, and the Script of Potth ~


  The calligraphy - initially accorded the working name of the Paisley Script (attributed, Prof. Cecil Llewellyn, FRS) - is now understood to be actually a devisement of Iiai Potth himself, and to be more correctly termed, the Morgathic Script.
                                                    Inner pages from The Volmithig Dimantis
                                                                  ~ The Intortis Spirus ~

  "For those scholars familiar with the so-called aquatic script of the Biblionihilistica, a comparison between it, and the Paisley Script cannot help but be drawn."
 Prof. Cecil Llewellyn - Glossary; The Fundus of Hell.


  If one could but translate The Dimantis' tortuous, curvilinear scripts, what revelations might be ours to unfold, what recondite secrets ours to know?
  We know, from the dropped hints of the olden magi, that such topics as the Kurduh Fennes and the diminishment of The Spawn-of-Him are touched upon. That Pharos Rakaman Har, the link between the Kn'Yn and the Foul Olden-Ones is spoken of, and that the theurgic use of gesture are all sought into.
  Written by Quelron Bathis in the Morgathic Script of Potth, the volume remains a mystery that tantalises us with its glimpses of what was, what is, and what will, ultimately, be.

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