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                                                      (a book by Quelron Bathis)

    Also today, it is my overwhelming pleasure to present - in equally scant numbers - a quantity of a small work (also leather bound and of the A5 proportion) given title Mythoplasm ex Somnus, boasting in excess of 240 pages. Being a collection of tales, reminiscences and statements, including many educative and explanatory woodcuts which in part, or in whole relate to the Worlds of Dream and Sleep.
    Phrased in an eccentric, outmoded tongue, this volume is a must for all who enjoy the uncommon short, short tale and instructive diatribe. 
    Narlavoteb, the Star Stones evolution, the environs of Sotogowa, all are looked into and explored.

                                                            ~ The Mythoplasm ex Somnus ~

    ".... it does be told of as that in the Keep of Wenzratotin, dark an' distant ~ withinst of that municipality of Tog Munthas ~ there does be an sealed an' fettered chamber, an' upon the far wall of that hushed compartment, chased into the living stone, does be the Mandala of The Sentinel Encincture, of which we do be led to believe as to be of an Gate. An' of which it does be told did be cut into the wall of that deep underground cell in ages past by Lontothot Xsohn hiself, as has been said, an' upon which, the keep of Wenzratotin did purposefully, in future-time, be so built.
    "Now, this may be an Gate to distant worlds; or it may not. This mayhap be an Door to the Audience Chamber of Kar Fos Talbith, or it may not. This may be an Passage to that Tabula de Profundis or equally, it may not. For of an truth, non do now exist who might explicate, for all as do pass therethrough, if Gate it be, do ne'er return, an' what secrets there seen, do there remain.
    "I might also discover to thee, as that the name Ranstanthiophol does be linked to that place, but further intelligence of that Vile Olden-One does not at this juncture be of mine liking to so give."
                                                                   ~ extract from, The Gravis Fabulae of Malrubius Koumsat
                                                                                          (one of the many tales from the Mythoplasm)
                                                                    ~ On Sight of Them ~

                                                              I did have sight of Them, though
                                                I did but dream, an' in dreams, impressions do
                                                 stand for more than what does be had by eye.
                                                        An' in that sightless place did have the
                                                      knowledge as that the Sons of Man did
                                                            collude with Molluscan horde in
                                                                      imploratorial anthem.
                                                        An' that anthem did have no recourse
                                                         to respite, an' did so be without end,
                                                               for that anthem did be eternal.
                                                        But why does death be the culminant,
                                                            an' the frigid chill of solar vacuity
                                                                   the only vision to remain?
                                                         An' why .... upon awakening .... does
                                                   this body be a'tremble .... an' that echoing
                                                       anthem, now softened by unfathomed
                                                          separation .... be still heard to ring?

                                                                        ~ Inner Pages ~


                                                                         Of That One
                                                                 Given Calling; Nartep

     For all His many disparate an' divers attendances at pivotal historic events, no grand tales do be told of The Harbinger Nartep for it would seem as the creature did ne'er be recognised, for whom, nor what, He did so be. Let it be known - here an' now - as that by His many contrivances, wiles of speech, an' capricious modes of delivery, does He of His own antithetic wise, appear to each chosen recipient, in an variant aspect of appearance.
    Also, never has this-one heard tell of, nor perused, an single documented account, setting forth any such message or word, thus conveyed. This, of itself, does pose of an many query, for it does gainsay of His character as Word Bearer. But also too, might this not be of the very essence of Him as that upon the revelation of any such message, the recipient does somehow remain insensible of the words inner substance? It dost be the contention of many as that the Harbingers word does be devolved in some manner as does scarify of its import subliminally an' silently upon of the recipients awareness, an' with but scant recollection of the encounter to remain, with the recipient - or victim - being of the postulate as that the conveyed design does be of his own contrivance. Of this, I do think to be an truth.
  But again, in conclusion, we might not tell, for all we do have, by way of intelligence upon this subject, does be of what those few human recipients did record, an' these be not many at upshot, as has been said.
   Many questions does this-one posit, but as with all things pertinent to Them, scant few answers forthcoming for credible narration. An' so, when an tale does come to the fore, an' which does seem to refer to that specific character, much note should be took. So too, here. For whilst sparse of quantity, chronicled below are the few rare examples which seemingly hold about them some small scripula of truth.

   "It did seem to this-one as that an doore twix'd Yerth an' Aire did forme, an' an being to reach forth of golden limbe, to catch of mine hand, in cool embrace.
   "But I did shrink an' drop back, as extasie an' sinne, love an' pain did writhe of equal parts within mine breast, so as that I might not recognise such as Divil, Angell or what there twixt ...."
                                                                                       ~ from, 'Of That One Given Calling; Nartep'

                                                                        ~ Inner Pages ~

                                            ~   Alternative boards to the Mythoplasm ex Somnus   ~

         Inner pages
   showing the text in its
       original language.    

      The original text.   

                                                "Seek not .... lest ye find.
                                                                    "Speak not .... lest ye be answered."

                                                                                                                    ~ Bathis
                        The Sleepwalker Press is proud to announce the inclusion of this next volume
                                             ~ The Diaries and Journals of William Walker ~
                                                                  (by Mark S. Walker)

     In The Diaries and Journals we have a further, leather bound, handmade volume of the A5 proportion - over 280 pages in length, containing innumerable and uncommon sepia photographs. Also contains extensive glossary of terms with reference to The Translation of Uses manuscript. (Please note some copies are bound in suede leather.)
Leather bound copy

Suede bound copy

     In a time gone by my grandfather, William Walker, dreamer and confidant of that self-styled archimage, Quelron Bathis, came into the possession of several volumes of esoteric lore. Utilising their cabbalistic sorcery he devised and augmented many wild, steam motivated devices.
     Whilst all of his inventions were faithfully documented and photographed, only his diaries and journals remain to stand witness to his accomplishments. What remains of this documentation I have put together in the form of "The Diaries and Journals of William Walker Esq".
                                                                                                                          ~ Mark Walker



  Title Page

    But what of that flagitious Biblionihilistica, and the postscriptum of the Twin Codicils, that addend it? How came they from the claws of fell beasts to the hands of Man? How came they then to this modern age?
    Through the agency of this same Quelron Bathis, they were initially passed to my grandfather, William Walker, in the year 1929, thence, subsequent to my fathers death, to my hands in the year of 2009.
    In ‘The Diaries and Journals’ we have the decades spanning tale, told through the medium of fragmented diary and journal entries and illustrated by many sepia photographic images, of a Victorian gentleman scientist who had the misfortune of many a close call with those entities, referred to by some as, The Great Olden-Ones.
    Grandfathers wish to improve upon the steam powered technology of his age by the inclusion of methods esoteric (a system he termed 'Mechanotheurgia') set him upon a most unfortunate path. Steam power coupled with sorcery. Sorcery unknowingly derived from Them-Ones. Innocent to begin with but ending in terror and horror most foul. Subsequent to a sojourn in India/ Tibet his later esoterically-infused engines take him to the fetch of Ralyey, thence to the very froth upon the chin of Yog Sotot.

                                                                        ~  Inner Pages  ~
                                                                     Device, Art. No (550/61d)
                                                    Working Name:  Telescopic Augmentation
                                                                Designation:  "Descryoscope"
                                                                   Development: Circa, 1930?

                                                                              Log 12
                                                                      Device, Art. No 340
                                                         Working Name:  Far-Viewing System
                                                               Designation:  “Ocularscope”
                                                                   Development Circa: 1921
                                                            (application for patent not tendered)

  ".... with a fulgurous flash, the apparatus erupted, first sending its component parts flying outwards. Then, with a further loud 'pop', began sucking those same, still flying integrants back to where the centre of the scrutiny plate had stood but moments past, but where now a small white ball of brilliance hovered. The articles upon my desk, screwdriver, calliper, note papers etc - even my pipe - all were drawn swiftly towards the floating aberration. With eyes watering, I struggled to draw breath as my workroom was fouled by the pungent aroma of ozone and sulphur.
  "The vast limb, of what appeared to be some aquatic denizen, suddenly thrust through the aspergillum ring, erratically thrashing and questing, and actually latched onto my arm. The scars of which, I bear to this day.
  "Fumbling one handed with the Book of Chantathrik and knowing most of the cant by rote, I began reciting the Denuntius even before the required page was found. This dissipated the manifestation quick enough, but in retreat, the tentacle tore itself from my arm leaving raw, red welts encircling my now freely bleeding wrist.”
                                                                                                        ~ extract from 'The Ocularscope',
                                                                                                                   The Diaries and Journals
                                                                               Log 13

                                                                     ~ The Clamachord ~

                                                        Device Art. No: (329/4c) xx Classified xx
                                                  Working Name:  Mechanism of Auditory Angst
                                                            Designation:  "The Clamachord"
                                                                  Development: Circa 1922

      Apparatus, Art. 645

  Many years after the invention and subsequent mothballing of one of his extraordinary machines, grandfather resurrected it in a bizarre hybrid instrument in one last endeavour for the ultimate enlightenment. The name and designation, together with the actual use of the device, has been erased, but believe it to have originally been built, circa 1923. All that remains, with which to annotate the mechanism, is the simple reference code, Article 645. This undertaking must have been an arduous task for him, as he was well into ill-health and decline by this date.


  "Upon reading aloud the called-for intonations from The Dimantis, yes, the heavens spoke - in a great roar of thunder they spoke. But lightening came not down, but up. The earth beneath my feet shook and great cracks raced across those stony grounds. Vast slabs of monolithic stone that had sat inviolable for innumerable millennia simply clove in twain, and from the depths thus revealed, noxious gases were vent, and I, in my heightened state grew faint with their emissions. As swift as that, the atmosphere of that lonely hilltop had transformed from one of wind-blown solitude, to one of oppression and pending threat."
                                                             ~  From, The Diaries and Journals  ~
                                                             ~  Alternate boards to the same volume  ~