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       ~  Liber Vacuus  ~

My latest humble offering is a blank book. Standing ready to receive the profoundest of your thought, or simply the doings of your day, this A5 volume is of the approx proportions 170mm x 225mm x 55mm thick (6 5/8" x 8 7/8" x 2 1/8") and holds over 300 heavily stained pages.

Constructed from deeply carven wood and leather, braced with copper fittings and held fast with a small padlock.

            Rear View

   Padlock and
    spine detail

Each blank page, ready to receive the artistry of your hand. Ready to record the supernatural or divine agencies that govern your life, Names of Power and words of theurgic intent.

If you had a Book, what would you fill it with?

                                                              AND NOW ...

Presenting for your delight and, possible dubious, delectation a similar volume to the above, but of the A4 proportion.

                                                 ~   A small sampling of other volumes completed    ~

       If you are interested in any of these books, but would like to see your own idea, or own design   
           carved into the boards, just let me know and lets see what we can come up with together.